Personal Injury

Working On Your Behalf

Personal Injury

You work hard, building your life, protecting your family, and planning for the future, but the negligent or careless act of one person can change all of that.

A distracted driver – texting instead of watching the roadway, a laser hair technician – failing to follow proper procedures, or even a snow removal company – that doesn’t adequately clear snow and ice, all these people can take your livelihood away from you in an instant. Suddenly you are facing lost income and insurers who are negotiating away your rights before your injury has been adequately assessed. That’s where we come in.

Hajduk LLP takes the worry out of the process and ensures that you get everything you need to recover both physically and financially. Our team of specialists understands that to put you back in the position you would have been had you not been injured. We need to understand your unique injury and how it impacts not just your physical well-being but your family and your place in the community. Our primary goal is to fight for resolutions that include but are not limited to compensation for your pain & suffering, loss of employment and competitive advantage in the workplace, loss of housekeeping or home maintenance capacity, medical rehabilitation, and cost of future care.

Some of the areas in which our team has developed expertise are:

  • Car /truck and other motorized vehicle accidents
  • Pedestrian/bicycle accidents
  • Accident benefits
  • Slip and fall and other occupier’s liability claims
  • Insurance disputes
  • Long term disability claims
  • Dog bites
  • Product liability claims (such as contaminated food products)
  • Claims against uninsured or underinsured or even unidentified drivers or owners
  • Complex spinal injuries
  • Other types of injuries caused by the negligence or fault of someone else